Friday, June 2, 2017

Full Time At Last - We're Just Two Hours From NW Arkansas but We're Finally Full timing.

Yesterday we shed ourselves of our stix and brix. We've finally gone full time, that's right, we are living in our RV now.

It took a lot of time, soul searching and perseverance to get here but none the less, we've arrived.  The coach is running well. All systems seem to be functioning properly and we're glad of that.  So, what does it feel like to be shed of  lease, water, sewer, gas, electric, cable and big cable business internet bills? It feels pretty damn good actually.  We have a proposed budget for our travels and I think with Martha retiring we are still going to be in good shape.

We spent our time during the Garage Sale camping in our coach at night.  We it had at Rocky Branch Corp of Engineers Campground.  I highly recommend STAYING AWAY from this park. It has only 15 amp electric available. PERIOD.  Additionally, there is only one dumpster and one shower house in the park and it's a mile from the campground. It also ill kept. It is evident that the parks administration hasn't done a damn thing to maintain ANYTHING in this park. There are a lot of dead pine trees in the park presumably from the pine beetle blight a couple of years back. These trees are rotten and many of them were directly adjacent to our coach.  We had two significant thunderstorms during our stay and I was worried that one or more of these trees would fall on us.

We were in site 43 which was a real challenge to get a forty foot coach into.

Our move from Rocky Branch yesterday signified the start of "full time" status for us. Let the adventure begin.

We are now near Joplin, Missouri at the Downstream Casino which is owned and operated by the Quapaw Indians.  The casino is very nice and well ventilated so the gaming floor isn't fogged up by cigarette smoke. The RV park is a giant concrete slab with power pedestals and water spigots. No sewer at the site but there is a dump station in the park. Notice in the picture below there is a third chair. The chair nearest the door is for our 14 year old Dachshund, Jake. He isn't happy until his feet are off the ground so he can survey his kingdom. 

Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary so we celebrated by splurging and eating at the casinos "Red Oak Steak House." Wow, was it outstanding. It was one of those meals that one will inevitably end up comparing all of your other steak house experiences against. It was just outstanding.

After dinner we headed back to our house on wheels and had an extended happy hour. Life is good.

If you already know you like RV life and have the urge to "someday" go full time, just do it!  It was a long time coming for us but we're here and we're loving it.

Keep on, keepin on.


  1. Congratulations Charlie and Martha! I would love to do that myself but still haven't convinced Tyna to let go of the homestead. I have a few more years of working before I fully retire so maybe when that time comes things will change and we can make the move to full time lifestyle. Never know whats ahead.... We will be heading out in The RV in July and leaving home (Marshall, TX) for Denver to visit our son and his family. Then off to Cody WY for a few weeks of enjoying the scenery on our Goldwing. I will keep working on Tyna to eventually cut the cord. She loves the RV lifestyle also but just has difficulty with the full time aspect. Glad you got your NS issues resolved and things are going well. All the best to you and Martha!
    PS If your not on the road, maybe we could stop by on our way back at the end of July from WY and visit. If your in Arkansas I'm sure your on our path home.

  2. Harry, I'd love to meet you two. We are headed out today from Joplin, Mo. To Bennett Springs State Park, Mo. near Lebanon, Mo. for two days then off to Owensville, Mo. to camp 6 days with my brother. After that we head to Jefferson, Iowa to drop off some family heirlooms and then on to Wisconsin to visit family friends for a few days. We've not planned beyond that but will be making posts on a regular basis.

  3. Sounds like a great start to your full time adventures! Safe travels! Will stay in touch and see what we can work out later this summer.


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