Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Moving Day - Selecting Items For The Coach And Purging The Rest

Well today was it. Moving Day!  We moved all of the items that made our "take" list into the RV. We also found a lot of items that were on that list that we found unnecessary. This was a big day for us.  We started about 10 am and didn't finish until around 8pm.

We will be in the house for two more nights and then we move the RV to Beaver Lake and Rocky Branch C.O.E. Campground. We will stay there until the 31st and then we will head out full time.

Exciting times for us.

We ended up with an amazing amount of stuff the will be in the garage sale. I am not holding my breath on selling everything and have resigned to taking a large portion of it to Good Will but I might be surprised.

So, where will we go when we get on the road?  First trip will be to the Downstream Casino in Joplin, Missouri for our anniversary for a couple of days. From there we will head to Lost Valley Resort in Owensville, Mo. to camp with my brother and my sister-in-law. Camping with my brother has a been a long time coming. I am looking forward to it. It will also be their 32nd wedding anniversary.

After Owensville we will be heading to Des Moines, Ia. to drop off some some family heirlooms. Then on to Oconto, Wisconsin to visit family friends.  After that, we head to Chicago and start our trek across the nation on Route 66.

So, moving day just about killed me. I am sitting watching the Voice finale and having a Honey Brandy. I'm bushed.

Stay tuned. 

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