Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sorting Out Puzzle Pieces

Purchasing a Class A RV is an expensive proposition. Make sure that your credit is ready for the hit

As you have read in our other posts, there are many pieces to this puzzle. The biggest obstacles for most people is reducing debt load.  For instance paying off car loans or selling a car will reduce your debt load. Additionally paying down or paying off credit cards will also result in a reduced debt load.

For us we sort of get a "two for," because we just paid off my wife's car which will become our "toad" and my car is now up for sale because we simply won't need two cars when we hit the road.

Other potential problem areas for credit score problems is too many inquiries into your credit. Each inquiry can reduce your total credit score by as much as 100 pts. The moral of the story here is to not ask a potential debtor to run your credit until you are sure you are going to buy whatever it is you're interested in purchasing.

There are many resources online to help you figure out how best to reduce your debt load and raise your credit score. Find one that makes sense to you, read it, follow it and enjoy the results.


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