Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tomorrow We Camp - or Will We?

Tomorrow we are camping at Withrow Springs Park in Arkansas. It's only about an hour from our home in Fayetteville. I am anxious to test our surge protector, the sewage valves and dewinterize the coach.

Once again we picked an iffy weekend weather wise but we're going anyway.  I checked our reservations tonight and found them to be flawed.  Arkansas has contracted with "Reserve America" to make their reservations.  I reserved the nights of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and the reservation confirmation shows Monday and Tuesday nights.  I don't think it will be a problem as only 10 of 41 sites are reserved but just the same I find it annoying that after I talked with a human and made the reservations they still screwed them up.

Screw it, if I have to move to another site to get the reservation I want I'll do it.  I can't wait to get out of the house for a few days.  I intend to take photos and video of our coach and campsite this weekend. Yeah, yeah...I haven't been so good at that lately but things have been hectic for us.

I continue to sell stuff from the house and I am narrowing down what gets sold and what doesn't. Also, on a brighter note my son has now made arrangements to move out ahead of our lease expiration.  He will be taking a lot of our furniture that I thought I might have to sell. This is good because now I know it will be out of the house at lease termination.

The weather is supposed to be marginal with rain and thunderstorms but this park is deep in a valley so we should be ok, but wet, maybe.

Martha and I both need a few days off. I am glad to get the opportunity.  I likely will not be able to update the page until our return because this park has no cell signal. Bear with us and after we return, unload and normalize I will post up and let you know what, if anything, didn't work properly.

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