Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bennett Springs State Park, Missouri - Here Until Tomorrow

Good morning all,

We moved from Downstream Casino RV Park to Bennett Springs State Park yesterday. We took the long way and turned a two our drive into a four hour drive. Our motor coach was acting a little strange yesterday on the road. All of my tires are fully aired to 110#'s each yet handling was a bit wonky.  In fairness the roads were narrow and full of dips and lots of tight turns. We think it is a load distribution problem so when we got to Bennett Springs the first thing we did was empty the basement completely and then we distributed the weight more evenly. We will need to be weighed to see how we did.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite sometime anyway.

This campground was fully packed yesterday. This morning we awoke to a nearly empty campground. What's puzzling is that the travel trailer next to us had nine, yes, nine kids with them all of which were hooping and hollering loudly last night and we heard zero noise or slamming around. Kudos to them. 

It rained for quite a while early this morning so I am guessing that most of the campers here wanted to get home and get things dried out. I am also thinking that the couple with nine kids wanted them to stay clean and free of mud. The park is really quiet now which is beautiful. We now have managed to see the worst in 

There are some kids playing at the playground. I am guessing Mom n Dad aren't watching this little one.

Today the plan is to go down to the trout hatchery, take a short hike and continue our quest to rest and get over the last two weeks of packing and getting ready for full time living.  We aren't exactly in a hurry to do anything right now.

We went for a drive today and to the source of the Niangua River which is Bennett Springs. This is truly a beautiful place to be. The spring has a daily output of over 100 million gallons of cold water a day. That's a lot of water.

Bennett Springs - The source of the Niangua River

The trout hatchery pump house

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  1. We also ate a late lunch at Hillbilly Hamburgers. It's a little walk-up window hamburger joint that has good reviews. We were disappointed by the long wait. It took about 45 minutes to get a hamburger and a pork tenderloin and fries. The hamburger actually got done long before everything else. So by the time the fries were done, the burger was ice cold. The owner said they were training a new cook. Hope they get the training done quickly.


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