Monday, May 22, 2017

The Last Week In Sticks and Bricks - The Final Preparations For Full Timing.

This is it. This is the week we move into the RV as our permanent residence. Our Estate Sale is this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our life has been condensed into three boxes of memorabilia and we are about to start packing the RV for departure.

I was doubtful that we would ever arrive at this point but, here it is staring at us and daring us to have a missed step in the process.  It has been long, anxious and nerve racking to get to this point yet here we are.

Tomorrow is loading day. We will pack the final items into the RV and be ready to move into it on the 24th. Our utilities all end that day and we will be moving the RV to Rocky Branch Campground on Beaver Lake near Rogers, Arkansas until the end of the month.

The plan is to commute back and forth from there to the house so we can clean and attend to the Estate Sale. Wish us luck, we hope not to have too much left at the end of this process and whatever is left will be given away or taken to the dump. The clock is ticking and the work load is picking up.Wish us luck.

I will likely not post until after we are finally moved. After we have settled in I will continue posting to this blog but the emphasis will switch to us getting used to full time living in a motor home.I will still be posting frequently but the subject matter will include our daily living, helpful RV'ing hacks and tips and hopefully some videos and of course lots of photos.

Stay tuned.

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