Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bedroom TV Removal - Furniture Changes - TV Cabinet Re-Purposing (With Photos)

Bedroom TV Removal

Martha and I have never liked having TV in the bedroom and we now had one in the Newmar. If you are a full timer you space is at a premium so we thought we would remove the bedroom TV and give the cabinet it was housed in a new purpose.  The cabinet itself measures 30"X 38" not a big space but we have lots of med's and things that are not used everyday and this removal would provide the space for those things. The trouble was that once the TV was removed I had to build a cabinet door.

I set to work on this last Thursday removing the flat screen that replaced an old tube type TV by the previous owners. His carpentry skills were/are abysmal.  Removing the flat screen left all kinds of holes where he had ran piano hinges, ugh.

The purchase of a sold laminated peace of white pine was made at Home Depot and I cut it to length and width and rounded over the edges with a router.  Next, Martha and I wen to a Joann's Fabric shop and purchased a piece of left over linen to be used to cover the door. Yes, fabric instead of stain and finish. Why?  Well Martha wanted a way to show off a photograph taken by a professional photographer friend of hers.  This fit in with with our endeavor to make our coach more homey and more our style. I have to say this turned out better than I thought it would.

This was taken after fitting the door, hinges, door pull and door latch. I had not yet rounded the edges or applied fabric.  

This after I had finished the cabinet door. I think it turned out pretty well.

Other Changes in The Works

We are also in the midst of making furniture changes in the RV. We have removed the couch on the left side of this photo because it was immensely uncomfortable. We made a barter deal for two almost new Euro Recliners that we thought would work well where this couch had been. It turns out that once we removed the couch the slide out floor didn't protrude out far enough for the recliners to fit properly.  

This problem led us to the inevitable decision of getting rid of the other couch (on the right) and placing the recliners there instead. We haven't done this yet but it's in the works. Then we will use the left side of the slide in front of the kitchen for  placement of a TV component cabinet and place a televator on the wall behind it so we can still utilize the window and be able to raise the tv and watch it when we want to. Both of these couches are 12 years old and uncomfortable. This solution allows us to kill to birds with one stone. A bonus is that we can take our 42" TV from the house and put it on the televator.

All of this has and will continue to cause me extra work as we need to bring coax, cable coax, speaker wires, power and surround sound wires into the kitchen slide. These all are currently housed at the center of our cabinets above the dashboard.   We will eventually be removing the overhead TV and having a cabinet made to fill the gap.  At that time all of the audio/visual components should be housed in the entertainment cabinet on the kitchen slide. 

Stay tuned as we continue to work toward these changes. By the way, we are now 38 days until we depart for full time RVing.

Do you know the height of your RV?  Do you know the height of the bridge just ahead? Would you like to know that your proposed route has low clearances?

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