Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Smoke Test Part Two - Lake Ft. Smith State Park (With Photos)

Smoke Test Camp Out Part Two

It was time to re-test the RV and all of the repairs that have just been made. We arrived Lake Ft. Smith on Easter Sunday. 

Engine And Chassis Repairs

The trip down was uneventful. Having the fan on the engine fixed really made quite a difference in the sound levels in the coach.  It's much quieter now.  I'm guessing that when an out balance fan wobbles around it makes noises (Well, duh...). 

The engine ran and sounded good again. It also had more power probably due to the air filter change.  I'm hoping that also equates to seeing an increase in fuel economy. As for the chassis sway bar bushing repair. Wow, I immediately noticed that handling was very much improved. Having bushings back in the sway bar fixed most of my steering wander issues. It was very easy to drive this time even in the wind.

Slide out Repair

The living room room slide out moved out and back in flawlessly (this time). I think it may actually be fixed this time.

Set Up Like A Newbie

We're still newbies at setting this beast up.  When I arrived I set the leveling jacks and did a quick walk around before I deployed the rooms. It's a good thing I did  because the living room slide would have hit the power pedestal. Take two,  I retracted the jacks moved forward six inches, got out and checked again, success.

Leveling System

This coaches leveling control pad is not a reliable means of making the coach level.  When you turn on the leveling keypad there are yellow lights surrounding an icon of the coach. If a yellow is showing on any corner it is supposed to be low. However, if you run the jacks down to get the lights to turn off (theoretically level) the coach is no where near level.

I've read that there is a balancing/leveling sensor located on the chassis that can be set to correct the problem.  I guess I'll have to do some research and see if i can adjust it closer to correct tolerances.

Pictures From The Weekend  

Lake Fort Smith is a really nice campground with some pull through sites, back in sites, FHU sites and electric and water only sites. If you want to book this campground you can check "HERE". If you really want to stay here during warm weather you better get your spot booked now as there are only 30 sites.
 Martha Relaxing

Chuck Relaxing (are you sensing a theme?)

Our Site was a pull through. 

 Our Northern Star

Site 10 is one of only four pull through sites. No unhooking required with 70' of space

We have begun planning our initial trip. We will be going to Iowa first to visit family, then to the Wisconsin Dells and then to Oconto Wisconsin to visit friends of Martha's family.  After that a trip to Chicago and the start of route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica Beach.

Jake approves of camping

But, he's not to sure about the photographer.

More of our camping site

This park is very well done. If you have kids they have a pool that opens on Labor Day. They allow power boating and fishing on the lake but no jet skis, skiing, wake boarding or swimming.

Jake in his natural pose.

Warren Hollow Trail 

First glimpse of the lake. Martha took this hike while I stayed behind.

Our good friend Jim Dehner paying us a visit on his motorcycle.

Nothing better than a campfire after dinner.

Jake still on duty

Our next adventure in the coach before going full time is a trip to Jazz Fest in New Orleans. We are taking the coach and four friends with us and meeting one who is flying into New Orleans to meet us. We can easily sleep three extra people but two of our friends will be staying in a hotel and meeting us at Jazz Fest for the day. It should be a lot of fun. 

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