Sunday, April 30, 2017

Next Trip is New Orleans for Jazz Fest 2017

Morning everyone,

We are off to Jazz Fest 2017 on Thursday morning of this week. Going with close friends and we will be all going in our coach without a toad. It'll be interesting how all of this shakes out. Two of our friends will be staying off site at a hotel, Two on our fold out bed and one on the floor.

We are sharing the expenses of camping between five of us and fuel between the seven of us. It should be a real cluster _ _ _k.

The coach interior is finished until we return. I will be taking out the sleeper couch at that time. Once out, we will be placing our Euro Recliners in that space.  Why? We've decided to place our TV that is currently residing in the stix n brix house into the kitchen slide once the Euro Recliners are relocated.

This will entail routing power and coaxial cable into that slide. I have power in the basement of the coach just under the slide and I have a coaxial cable port on the passenger side of the coach just in front of the rear wheel. I will just route the coax forward in the basement ceiling to the slide.

I will have to drill at least one hole to bring the coax and power wiring into the living space but overall it should be straight forward. My only concern is that if I want to utilize our surround sound system I will have to extend the wiring from its current location above the drivers position, down through the "A" pillar on the drivers side and through the basement to the kitchen slide. The old Sony switch box will remain in place and I will eventually get a Blu Ray player and new reciever to go in the cabinet we will put in the kitchen slide.

After all of this is done we will be removing the head knocker TV cabinet at the front of the coach and having a cabinet maker fabricate a low profile replacement that can be utilized as a cabinet.

Ambitious at best, but, I think it will make the coach more usable for us.

Once we've returned from Jazz Fest I will be posting photos of the Fest, New Orleans and our campground.  Have a great week.

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