Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Surge Protector

Yesterday I spent about four hours hard wiring my new Progressive Industries surge protector. I didn't take into account just how stout the shore power cord is. It took all these arthritic hands could do to make the necessary connections.  I had one side all done when I realized that I had actually wired reverse of what was called for in the installation instructions. It took about 40 minutes to correct that problem.

At this point I am wired in to only protect the shore power connection. I will do some research and figure out how to install the device to protect from surges from my generator and then change as required. But for now, done with that project.

Valances and Artwork

Since we took down the window valances Martha wanted to add some cheery decor so we have been going through some of our art that's been stored. We came up with three small portraits that are going to be hung in the living area.  We still have three or four places that we place some art but we need to get the coach out, leveled and have the rooms out to see what will work best and where it should go.

Gas Strut Prop Rods

My next project was to replace the gas strut prop rods on my "pegboard bay." My replacements took all of five minutes to install. For those of you who don't know what this item does, it is simply a mini-shock that acts as a hold open device for your bay door, they also raise the door automatically after you unlock and pull on the bay door handle.

New Correlle Dinnerware

In the spirit of shedding old stuff and selling it we purchased some new Correlle dinnerware.  It's lighter and tougher and fits our needs.

New Zero Gravity Chair

We are hard on camping chairs. I have broken two in recent months. Since we had to replace at least one chair we bought Martha a new Zero Gravity Chair.

Camping This Weekend 

In our infinite wisdom we've decided to camp Sunday and Monday night (Martha's days off). Well guess what?  It's going to be below freezing for a week now at night.  Highs in the low fifties and lows around thirty. Typical for us.

The idea is to test the repairs I've made. To see if the black water clean out leaks is truly repaired, to test the black and grey water valves, and to insure the Progressive Industries Surge Protector works properly.

Wish us luck.

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