Sunday, March 19, 2017

I'm Still Here - Not Much To Report At The Moment

We are just about finished getting the camper ready for travel. Yesterday I too a stab at consolidating and organizing stuff in the basement. I tried hard to find places for stuff that actually made logical sense. For instance, hoses near the wet bay but separate from the sewage bay. Tools where I can get to them quickly but away from the areas where lawn furniture, patio rug and BBQ grill are placed.

My bay doors all open like a gulls wing, they swing up. So, before deploying the slides I want to be able to quickly hook up water and sewer as well as throw the patio stuff out of the bays.  Sounds like an easy storage task doesn't it?  Those of you that RV know it's not as easy as it sounds.  In fact storage is a giant jigsaw puzzle. When departing a location you put everything aboard and hope all of those pieces are back where they belong or, "poof" you start over again.

We now have some nice pieces of art placed on the walls on a hook with velcro on the bottom backs to keep them on the wall and from swinging or shifting when we move.   I've slowly loaded what I can into the coach in preparation for our "smoke test" camp out next weekend.  Yes, we're going to try again! This time we'll likely get a tornado. The last reservations at a campground resulted in the first snow of 2017 in NW Arkansas.  Yeah, we're that good.

Before we leave next Saturday afternoon I will need to take on some propane. Our last camp out and my brother in laws was when we last had any in the tank. Once that's done look out Withrow Springs State Park, here we come for a few days.

I know I promised pictures from the coach and I apologize for not having them here but I forgot. I will try not to forget when I go to the coach today.

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