Saturday, March 4, 2017

Continued Work On The Newmar - Window Valance Removal - LED Tail Light Replacements - Progressive Industries Surge Protector Ordered

Valance Removal

I've been nibbling away at repairs and improvements on our coach.  The other day I asked my regular readers what they thought about taking the factory window valances down. Well the results are in, they've been removed (pictures to follow).  We are people that are not comfortable with ornate decorations and these valances were definitely ornate.

Tail Light bulb replacement to LED 

My rear tail lights were a bit dated. I decided to remove them from the coach so that they could be cleaned inside and out.  I replaced the incandescent's with "Zeta" brand ultra bright LED's.  To this point I have now replaced four of the six light positions and still have two to go (the buggers are $24.00 a pair for 1156's and $29.00 a pair for 1157's).  The old bulbs were standard automotive lighting and were 12 volt 1156 and 1157 lights.  The are being replaced with the LED equivalent lights which will draw 1/10 of the amperage and burn much cooler.  The turn signals and brake lights are 1157's and the running lights are 1156.   The differences in the incandescent's and LED's is startling. I'm pretty sure I will be seen now.

Surge Protector now ordered

The Progressive Industries Surge Protector is now on order. I should get it on the 7th. This unit has a lot of features:

• Over/Under voltage Protection
• Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection
• Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Protection 
• Accidental 240V Protection
• Miswired Pedestal Indication
• Surge Failure Indicator
• Amperage Meter Display
• Previous Error Code
• A/C Frequency Protection
• Time Delay (136 seconds)
• Adjustable Time Delay
• Thermally Protected
• Built-in Scrolling Digital Display
• Field Servicable with a lifetime warranty

Each unit includes a digital display, scrolling continuously through the power source information: Voltage(s), current, frequency, error code, and previous error code (if applicable). Replacement parts are simply plug-and-play, making repairs quick and easy.  Should the software ever change, EMS owners can receive a free upgrade at no cost.

I think that is a pretty darn good product.  My plans are to install it so that my coach is protected from both shore power and generator power anomalies.

Bay Door Gas Struts

In my vintage Newmar there is a basement bay known as the "Pegboard Bay."  This bay is my catch all for grease, spare oil, spray penetrating oil, silicone spray ect. It also has a peg board that carries various tools and other daily use items.  The gas struts in this bay are kaput.  I ordered a new pair today. They got me again though. $20.95 for the product and $14.50 for shipping. Have I mentioned how much I hate being ripped off on shipping? These buggers weigh just two pounds combined and the company offers no option for USPS only UPS. That sucks. Anyway, they are on the way.

Miscellaneous improvements

Other improvements today were more subtle. I finally found a silverware organizer that will fit in our measly 9" wide drawers and I bought new clear 90* elbow for my sewer discharge. 

What's left?

I need to install a 110 volt outlet in our bedroom for my CPAP.  Currently I am using an extension cord which goes from our dresser at the foot of the bed across the floor to the my side of the bed. It works fine but tends to be a pain when bringing the slides in.  I still need to indentify a circuit that I can tap into for this.  Maybe Harry (a regular reader with the same coach) can suggest a place to get power from the Northern Star bedroom?  How about it Harry?

I will post up when I receive the Surge Protector and also include some photos of what the coach looks like without the valances. 

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