Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tomorrow We Camp - or Will We?

Tomorrow we are camping at Withrow Springs Park in Arkansas. It's only about an hour from our home in Fayetteville. I am anxious to test our surge protector, the sewage valves and dewinterize the coach.

Once again we picked an iffy weekend weather wise but we're going anyway.  I checked our reservations tonight and found them to be flawed.  Arkansas has contracted with "Reserve America" to make their reservations.  I reserved the nights of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and the reservation confirmation shows Monday and Tuesday nights.  I don't think it will be a problem as only 10 of 41 sites are reserved but just the same I find it annoying that after I talked with a human and made the reservations they still screwed them up.

Screw it, if I have to move to another site to get the reservation I want I'll do it.  I can't wait to get out of the house for a few days.  I intend to take photos and video of our coach and campsite this weekend. Yeah, yeah...I haven't been so good at that lately but things have been hectic for us.

I continue to sell stuff from the house and I am narrowing down what gets sold and what doesn't. Also, on a brighter note my son has now made arrangements to move out ahead of our lease expiration.  He will be taking a lot of our furniture that I thought I might have to sell. This is good because now I know it will be out of the house at lease termination.

The weather is supposed to be marginal with rain and thunderstorms but this park is deep in a valley so we should be ok, but wet, maybe.

Martha and I both need a few days off. I am glad to get the opportunity.  I likely will not be able to update the page until our return because this park has no cell signal. Bear with us and after we return, unload and normalize I will post up and let you know what, if anything, didn't work properly.


  1. Have a good few days camping. Always nice to get away even for a few days. I just found a small water drip that is coming from somewhere near the water heater. Found a spot on the ground outside beneath the kitchen slide out and there are two copper water lines that run up into the coach. One of them was wet beneath the floor of the slide out but dry above it. Haven't been able to trace the exact source yet. It could be traveling from anywhere. It seems the previous owner tried to fix it by putting di-core sealant around it which in reality would just seal "in" the leak and do more damage. Its not a major drip but I need to find the source and get it fixed. Will post some pics when I get a chance. Again have a good few days away.

  2. I hope your leak is traceable and repairable quickly Harry.


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