Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vacuum Breaker Replacement - Window Valance Removal or Not?

Yesterday I completed replacing the vacuum breaker for our black water clean out water circuit. Once I had it removed I could tell that it wasn't working as the diaphragm didn't move at all it was stuck in the closed position.

Hopefully the replacement will work. The idea of this part is to prevent contaminated water from the black tank from backing up into the fresh water system while you are connected to fresh water to clean out the black tank. I think it is an essential part of the coaches systems.

Removal was difficult for me as I don't bend so well, However, persevered and after cursing and skillfully weaving and stringing expletives together in creative sentences, the damn thing is in place. But not without a few scrapes on my hands and elbows.

RV factories should be mandated (yeah, right) to build a prototype of each model they manufacture. At this point they should bring in a panel of seasoned RV'rs. These RV'rs jobs would be to randomly tell one of the officers of the RV company to remove and replace random parts.

I 'm thinking that one of two things would happen. 1.) They rethink the layout  2.) Or, they decide not to make that model because it takes too many man hours to replace the random part.

A knowledge and skills test should be given to those responsible for building our RV's.  A very simple test could be administered. I think you they should give a potential RV Design engineer two steel balls. Then  lock him in a closet for ten minutes. If after ten minutes the candidate emerges without having broke or lost the steel balls they should be hired.

Dumb arses!

Anyway, a photo of the finished installation. Looks easy to replace doesn't it?  I'd rather wrestle a rabid raccoon.

In another one of our quests we are trying to make the coach more our own. To this end we want to update things within our budget.  One of the things we hate the most is the window valances. I think these were designed by a curmudgeon that needed to be decaffeinated.

So, here is where my regular readers get to help me. Which do you like, the right or the left side of this window?  Let me know in the comments section. (Yes, you too Ken and Ann)

Now that the vacuum breaker has been replaced all that remains on my major system repair list is to install a new surge protector.  I am inclined to order the following:

Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C Portable Electrical Management System - 50 Amp 

These are highly rated and priced sort of on the upper end of my budget comfort zone but come pay day I am going to order it. Once it's installed then I can quit fussing over broken stuff.

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