Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ugh, Can't Win For Losing - An ER Visit Today

After writing my last post this morning I ended up in the VA Emergency Room this afternoon.  I am no stranger to medication allergies but this afternoon I started breaking out with hives and itched very badly.

I quickly showered and Martha took me to the ER with EpiPen in hand.  I have been in Anaphalactic Shock  shock twice before and I was taking no chances. Turns out that I must be allergic to a mild antibiotic called Clyndomicin.  I was given this drug to counter skin infections (complications from my calve injury) called cellulitis.

The Doctor in the ER gave me a Depo-Medrol injection to get the allergy in control.  The thing is, I am a diabetic, Depo-Medrol drives blood sugars way up. Now I have to be extra diligent about keeping my blood sugar under control.  Gah......!

For pity's sake, all I want to do is get the coach on the road and travel. Is that too much to ask?

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