Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Is Returning To Normal - Started Recieving Parts For Minor RV Repairs - My Leg Is Better

Life goes on, my leg is getting better and the cellulitis I had has now mostly healed. My leg remains swollen and the edema that caused my cellulitis is now causing severe itching as my calve heals. It's always something.

Yesterday the USPS brought some of the goodies I ordered for repairing the RV.  I received a niece adjustable water pressure valve, a grey water and black water tank valve, four hose quick connects, and some expandable refrigerator bars to keep stuff from sliding off of the shelves.

My intent is to do some plumbing work on my wet bay that will permanently install a adjustable pressure regulator. Our last outing in Florida found pressures that exceeded our coaches specifications of 60#s.

I am thinking that if I do place the regulator in wet bay the weak point now becomes the hose. All I know is that my coach has an inline pressure regulator and it is too restrictive as it's set to 45#'s. I want to cut it out and then use the adjustable pressure regulator instead.

As for the grey and black water blade valves. Well, just...yuck.  I really don't want to do this but I guess this is the best time as the tanks are empty with just a bit of bleach in each tank. My problem is that getting to the valves is a giant pain in my back.

If I remember I will take photos of the removal and re installation.

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