Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Health Roller Coaster and Parts for the RV

My leg is a bit better today. The swelling remains a concern as does the care of my cellulitis. But, it appears that I am winning the battle as my leg is not as red, or as "angry" looking as it has been.  The itching and rash from my drug allergy is slowly abating but can't move on quick enough to suite me.

As for our departure preparations, I have received some of the parts I need to repair or upgrade some things in the coach.

I 've received the following parts:

3" and 1 1/2" Valterra Blade valves for re-doing my black and grey water tank valves
A pair of new windshield wiper sprayers (these were difficult to find) from Unity Bus Parts
New adjustable pressure regulator for the coach with gauge from Amazon.com
A set of four Camco anti rattle grommets for the stove grating from Amazon.com

In the next month I will be ordering the following parts:

Back flow preventor replacement for our black water clean out hose bib
Small safe to be installed in an undisclosed location from Amazon.com
Patio Rug from Amazon.com
A new lawn chair to replace a broken one
A replacement "Progressive 50 amp Surge Protector" with remote readout from Amazon.com
Coach engine servicing and air filter replacement
Car Tow Dolly or trailer needs to be purchased

We've decided to put off flooring replacement in the coach until we've departed. Our reasoning is purely for financial convenience so that we can actually leave with money in the bank rather than broke. That's good incentive right?

I hope to have all of the above items purchased and installed along with the engine being serviced prior to June 1st.  It would be nice to have most of this done prior Jazz Fest in New Orleans in Mid May.

Jazz Fest should prove to be a great time as we are going with five of our closest friends!

In order to accomplish all of this, the weather needs to cooperate and I need to get better so I can get all of this done. (knocking on wood as I type).

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