Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Countdown Begins -Vacuum Breaker Replacement - Contemplating a Motorcycle Carriers

Just thought I would share our countdown to departure clock. We are less than 100 days from departure to a Full Time RV Life.

Check it out HERE.

The work on the RV continues today. I will be pulling a faulty vacuum breaker from our black water tank clean out supply line and replacing it.  Once again it is in an impossible location to reach easily and is crammed up high under our bathroom sink.

The part that is currently leaking is plastic and reportedly others have had this same problem.  Evidently the flutter valve on top of the vacuum breaker sticks shut and causes water to be discharged from top of the device instead of letting it pass on and into the black water tank.

The culprit looks similar to the one below but in my coach it's plastic. Not a pricey repair but one that needs doing none the less.  I have read that the problem may also be exacerbated by a clogged sprayer head in the black tank itself. This would also cause (in theory) water to be discharged from under the head of the vacuum breaker (anti-syphon) valve.  The fix for the sprayer head is a bit different. You simply use a hose with the end that hooks to the coach loaded with CLR. Then you hook the other end of the hose to the water source and then very slowly put a low pressure charge of water on the hose. 

The idea here is to clean the nastiness that is clogging the sprayer head using the CLR.  I have read that it can take up to an hour for the CLR to work it's magic but when it does the water will start flowing and you will hear the sprayer working. The trick here is to stop the water flow before you fill your black water tank.  Pay attention Chuck!

When we last tried to clean the black water tank I ended up with water running from the existing vacuum breaker onto the floor beneath the sink and then ultimately into the basement wet bay from above. So, once more into the breach as they say.

I will post photos of the existing location and vacuum breaker, photos of the replacement parts and of the finished project once I have done the deed.

On to motorcycle carriers. I already know I can't afford a fancy smancy hydraulic lift so, here is what I am contemplating.  A friend has an extremely stout well built hitch carrier. If the hitch carrier provides enough stability to allow the bike not to shift around inside the hitch receiver I might be able to adapt a cheap ATV winch on the end of the moto carrier to run the bike up the ramp and onto the carrier.  The catch here is how do I stabilize the bike while I am winching it at the same time?   I'm thinking about it.....hmmm.

So, in the mean time, work on the RV continues as does the countdown clock.

Stay tuned.

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