Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wet Bay Mini-Modification

Small Wet Bay Upgrade

Part of the upgrades I wanted to do before we leave was to improve the use and functionality of the wet bay.  since our six week practice run back in November and December I've wanted to install a decent water pressure regulator on my coach since we bought it last November. We have had low pressure, high pressure and pressures in between at the places we've been since owning the coach. The high pressure situation was at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort with pressures approaching 100 PSI.

To insure that we don't damage the water systems aboard the coach I purchased an adjustable pressure regulator and did my install today.  I had to use a stand off to stabilize the apparatus on the face of the wet bay panel.  I also added quick disconnect hose connections to make things easier when setting up or tearing down to leave.  I know this isn't as fancy as some of the wet bay mods I have seen but it will be functional.

Consideration was made to permanently plumb a line to the black water clean out connection but I am really not wanting to cross contaminate my water supple. For now a separate hose will work fin.


Test Fit 
(you can also see the bright shiny new sewage and grey water blade valves that I changed out)

Stand Off Clamp

Finished Installation

I now have a rigid mount for my hose connection as well as the ability to adjust water pressures when required. You can order this valve from Amazon (Click Here)

A suitable cleaner to clean the floor of the sewage discharge side of the wet bay (left) is now needed, You can tell that the black water valve had been leaking for a very long time. the PO didn't keep it tidy and you can sure see it. I like to keep things in this area really clean to prevent sewage cross contamination to the fresh water systems.

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