Thursday, February 23, 2017

Motorcycle Carrier Test Run - Removal Of My Faulty Black Water Clean Out Vacuum Breaker

Motorcycle Carrier Test Run

My friend Mike brought his motorcycle carrier by yesterday. The thing is a one hundred pound beast. And should work (with some minor modification) out providing that I can get the bike up the ramp by myself. To that end I met my friend Jim at 9am at the storage yard to try this out on the RV.

And the conclusion is that there just isn't enough room to get the bike onto the carrier because of the width of the bikes handlebars.

Looks like plenty of room side to side for the bike. it measures 54" axle to axle plus and 76" in length. But, in reality the RV Ladder is in the way.

So, it seems this is not the solution I am seeking as the width of the handle bars is also an issue.

This ultimately leads to two viable options for hauling both bike and car. A car hauler or back to a tandem dolly. 

Black Water Cleanout Vacuum Breaker Replacement

Wow, not a hard job at all but twisting this old body into position required a lot of gyrations.  I had the vacuum breaker out in about five minutes this afternoon. Finding a replacement was much harder than I expected. Nobody including the plumbing supply houses had one in stock.  I ordered one from Amazon and expect it on the 1st of March.


I was thoroughly bummed that the Motorcycle Carrier Test Run was a bust. I was hoping to save some money. Looks like that won't happen now. Just another nail in the road I guess.

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