Friday, November 11, 2016

The Universe Has Spoken

On Thursday morning Martha and I departed for Alvarado, Texas from our home in Fayetteville. All that remained was a close inspection of the RV followed by a test drive and we would sign the dotted line, become once again cash poor and then drive away in our beautiful coach.

After the test drive (I really liked how well the big beast handled) we returned to the dealership. Following the instructions of the sales guy I snaked my way through a rather expansive dealership and given instructions as to where I was to park.

We were positioned adjacent to the dealerships office and the salesman told me to make a right hand turn and park in front of a line of new motor homes. As I committed to making the right I swung out wide to clear a Fiver that was parked on the corner. About that time a guy in a golf cart accelerated in front of me and turned hard right and paralleled us heading toward the rear of our coach. He then proceed to stop hard and sort of jumped off the golf cart as it was coming to a stop. 

Where he parked was exactly in the turning radius of our coach and his golf cart ended up to near the side of our coach resulting in the right rear of the coach striking the golf cart and gouging two storage doors and the wheel cover. It turns out that stopping 28,000 pounds of mass isn't instantaneous. 

Since this happened in front of the office the owner of the dealership came out to see what had happened.  He simply said "Are you out looking for coaches?" I told him this is the one we're buying.  
He never skipped a beat and said "well in that case let me send the coach to our body and paint shop and we will repair everything like new and for your trouble, I will have our cleaning crew detail the outside and inside of your coach free of charge (this was a consignment unit and as such they do not clean them unless the owner wants it done)."  

I was very pleased to hear him say that and we decided to go ahead with sale.  This results in my making yet another trip to Alvarado to pick up the coach.  The Universe has spoken....sheesh.

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