Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More On Insurance - What I Found Out Today

If you read my post regarding what you need in the way of insurance, then you probably figured out that I was shopping for the right policy. Since we required a loan for our coach we decided to use USAA. They gave us an excellent interest rate so it that part was a no brainer.

The folks at USAA suggested their insurance (Foremost) for the RV so we got a quote from them. We received what we thought to be a very good price on an annual policy and were going to call them tomorrow during the closing to put the policy in force.

Today I decided to stop by our State Farm agent's office and see about a quote from them. I was pretty sure based on their loan interest rates the quote for insurance would be much higher than Foremost.  I was floored to find out with all the same coverage's and deductible's State Farm was almost $1000 a year less. No need to look further.

To be fair we have been with State Farm for our entire marriage (working on 26 years) and we have our vehicle, motorcycle and renters insurance with them.

So, what's the moral of the story?  Well, I just found out that loyalty pays off.

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