Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Oil Change Boogie And Picking Up Our RV Part Deux

Since our coach is used. And since there is an oil change sticker on the drivers side window that says the last oil change was three years ago, I've been scrambling to find a place to service the coach in the Dallas area before I drive back to Arkansas.  This sound simple enough right?  Not. Nobody has appointments available.

I've posted about this on several RV forums and have been directed several times by to consider using a Speedco Service Center for getting this done.

However, the as I checked out Speedco and called their closest service centers (Oklahoma City and Joplin) I see how they do things. If you bring all of your own filters it's no problem but if you go to their service centers and expect them to have what you need in stock ....well, that's another story.

They only change the filters and fuel filters they have in stock and the associated fluids.  If they don't have it, they notify you and you still have part of your service not done.  They do give you the option of bringing all the filters and they will install them.

So, what I have done is opted to travel back to Arkansas after checking fluid levels carefully and then get it serviced here.  It shouldn't have to be this hard to find a place to service this beast.

On a somewhat brighter note we are due to pick up our RV again, for the second time. Hopefully without golf cart/RV destruction. They said five days for the repairs which would put it ready to pick up on Thursday. We'll see but if it isn't ready we'll have a problem because we are booked for space at the Ladybird Johnson Municipal Park in Fredricksburg, Tx.

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