Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Obsessing About An Oil Change - Or, The Oil Change Boogie Was Changed To A Waltz With One Phone Call

So, my obsession getting an oil change immediately was unwarranted.  Why?  Well as I was going through the the library of brochures and technical manuals that came with the coach I discovered two documents that told me who the first and second owners were.  On an off chance that the previous owner of my coach wouldn't mind my calling him, I did.

Turns out that both he and his wife really didn't want to sell the coach but only used it three times a year and decided that it was too much coach for that minimal amount of time in use. Instead they consigned it to Motor Home Specialists in Alvarado, Tx.

During my enjoyable time with him on the phone I learned that the oil was changed less than 8 months ago and the only filters that hadn't been changed were the fuel filters. BINGO! I can delay PM for a few months until I can recover from paying taxes. This was VERY good news but I will have the chassis lubed and the fuel filters installed as a precaution..

Additionally he told me that the Spendide washer/dryer had never been used by the previous owner or by them.  So, my concern about that is do I try to winterize the washer/dryer or not?  I will have to read more about that.   The ad for this coach stated it had new tires. Nobody at the dealership knew how old (even though they changed them????), anyway I asked about them while I had him on the phone.   He said "the only miles on the tires are the ones that were put on by demo rides."  Another win!

The coach will be ready to pick up tomorrow after the golf cart carnage so I leave Fayetteville at 6:30 am with my best friend who will drive me 480 miles to get the coach and drive back the same day. That is a seriously good friend.

Thanks Jim.

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