Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Trip In The Class A - Driving from Alvarado, TX. to Fayetteville, AR.

Well we took possession of our coach and drove away from Alvarado, Tx. on Thursday afternoon the 17th.  I left around 3:40 pm in time for monumental traffic jams, extremely narrow chicane type construction diversions, 2.5 hour slow downs due to wrecks and extreme winds in the Lake Eufala area.  So, what should have been a 7 hour drive turned into an 10.5 hour drive.

The scariest part was the construction diversions and wind gusting to 50 mph at Lake Eufala from my right side. Down right miserable driving. The coach was doing involuntary lane changes, drifting all over the road and I could not let my guard down for a second. I did seven stops along the way to relax.

When I got home I virtually collapsed in a tired heap.

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