Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Killing Time Until We Can Pick Up The RV

Yesterday I started accumulating (read, finding stuff again) the things we need to put in the coach prior to our 1st trip departure on the 19th.  I have made a list and it gets longer each day as does the pile of stuff in our garage on the floor.

It's been a while since we sold our last RV (a travel trailer) so as I stack things up I remember other things that should go in the coach. Some of the stuff will still need to be shuttled back and forth between the house and the coach each time we go some place.  I hate that we need to do that but it doesn't make economic sense to purchase all new flatware or all new plates, pots, pans and utensils when we will have all of that available to us from our house in six months.

We are meeting my brother in law and most of his family in Fredricksburg, TX for the Thanksgiving holiday and they are tenting in a tent I am borrowing and using our cots.  So, all of that has to accompany us as well.

Oh well, it's good practice.

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