Friday, March 1, 2019

I've found a new love

It was bound to happen.  All this travel, new people, new places....I was bound to find a new love.  And, here it is!  I'm madly and passionately in love with the city of Tucson, Arizona.  Chuck and I have even discussed making Tucson our next "home" if and when we decide to stop traveling!

How do I love Tucson?  Let me count the ways!

Sunsets - Amazing and colorful -- the whole sky lights up at dusk!

 Total Wine has craft beers, local mead, cheap whiskey and ...well, lots of wine!  And Tucson has 21 local breweries and not far away there are plenty of wineries.

 Well maintained Multi-Use Trails - I got my daily walk in nearly every day!

Nature - my walks were highlighted by hawks, doves, hummingbirds, prairie dogs, roadrunners, and red-winged blackbirds. Happily, I didn't run across any rattlesnakes, coyotes or javelina, but they are rumored to be around.  We have heard the coyotes howling at night.

Saguaros - I even learned to pronounce it right - Sah wah row

University of Arizona - We attended some women's basketball games

Three Whole Foods
Two Natural Grocers
Trader Joe's
And I haven't even gotten into see what Sprouts is all about
Albertsons, Frys, and Safeway
Target and Wal Mart
Sam's Club and Costco

Art on the street corners - I hope to get one of my favorite statue before we leave, but here's a giant wine bottle for now.

History - from missions to museums to movie studios

Culture - besides dancing girls, they also have a symphony orchestra


Three within a short distance and they have events for the public, such as the Balloon Glow and a wine and beer tasting event.

Friendly People - well, except when they're driving

Relatively low cost of living

After last summer on the west coast, it was a relief  to pay normal prices for groceries and gas.

Parks - national parks, state parks, county parks, city parks, everywhere you look!

Disc Golf
We've played three different courses here - choices!

Mountains - all around you

Sunshine - abundant sunshine

Rainbows after nearly every rain

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