Friday, February 22, 2019

Things Break and Our Goose goes Uncooked

Things Break and Our Goose goes Uncooked

The black rectangle is where the vent on the new unit will mate up with the wall vent
For those of you that have followed us from the beginning you know that we have had many electrical problems aboard our 2005 Newmar Northern Star.
It all started with the meltdown of our EMS (Electrical Management System) and of our transfer switch (the latter was recalled but the previous owner never followed up). Various electrical anomalies have occurred ever since. The latest one to crop up? it was our 15 year old convection/microwave. It finally bit the dust.
For nearly a year and a half we’ve worried that it would catch fire while using it. It always had a “burnt” plastic smell. I guess that isn’t an issue anymore. The Best Buy Model number is listed below on the photo of our new unit.
With the exception of some minor compromises in how the wall bracket support is mounted the new unit mated up really nicely. I did have to pull the outside vent cover to insure that the new exhaust and the old vent ductwork mated up. I only had to de-grease the old ductwork and install some metal tape to seal up some gaps that I was unhappy with.
I am happy to say that after a few days of use we are very pleased with how well this thing works. It does cook hotter than our old unit, and we are still learning how to adjust cook times and temperatures but this is an excellent upgrade.

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