Saturday, December 30, 2017

Where Have We Been?

We arrived in Aransas Pass on the 15th of December and have been exploring the area and playing disc golf at various parks. I apologize to our readers for not posting but we decided to take a break until after the first of the year.

With dreams of "sunny" Texas on our minds when we arrived we were disappointed when the weather just didn't cooperated. We have had maybe six nice sunny days since we've been here.  It's either rained or been misty and foggy for a long while.  But hey, at least we are not expecting -4* like they are in Fayetteville, Ar.  So that in itself is worth being here in 57* temperatures under cloudy skies.

So, bear with us as we gear up for the new year and photos and stories from our upcoming exploration of south Texas.  And, of course there will be stories and photos of the places we visit.

Hopefully you will still follow our adventures.  Until then.....

Thanks for reading. 

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