Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Finally In Route To Aransas Pass, Texas

The photo above is the Union Grove C.O.E. campground and Stillwell Lake near Salada, Tx.

We left Rio Vista yesterday and headed towards Aransas Pass, Texas. On the way we stopped into Lonestar Freightliner to get the RV's wheels aligned. It has been really prone to getting stuck in road grooves and uneven pavement. It was so bad that I had to slow and over correct to get out of the grooves or over the edge of uneven pavement.

So, $175 later they found the front passengers side wheel about 4* out of specifications. All other wheels were within spec.  I was prepared to have a "four corner" alignment where all axles would have been adjusted but it didn't need it. 

After leaving Waco we hit about 30 miles of road construction with concrete barriers set up to create a very narrow chicane. The road was both uneven and grooved so I was able to test the alignment corrections very quickly. I am happy to say that the coach handles 100% better.

We will be at Union Grove C.O.E. until the 14th and then will complete the last four hours of our trip to Aransas Pass, Tx. 

Everyone stay tuned, we will post more soon.

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