Sunday, August 27, 2017

Nearly Three Months In -- A Review

August is almost over, and it was a busy month!  We started in Illinois, spent a week in Arkansas, headed north to Iowa, east to Kentucky and are now driveway camping in Virginia.  Whew!  Guess who went over their fuel budget this month?

Come September, we'll head to Pennsylvania for 5 days over Labor Day weekend and then have six whole weeks in one place!  We got an end of the season deal at a campground in Rhode Island, so we will be there until October 15.  I'm looking forward to having some real down time.  We will be 20 minutes from the Rhode Island beaches, so I'll need to make time for a beach walk every few days.  After Rhode Island, we'll head down the east coast and catch a couple of national seashore campgrounds in Maryland and North Carolina before heading back west to Arkansas for a few days, then Texas for a couple of months.

Our Texas winter plans are in Aransas Pass, near where the hurricane hit on Friday.  I'll be anxiously watching their web page to make sure they will be up and running come December.

I've been doing some online freelance writing and researching work.  As of now, I have three jobs to work on, so I've made myself not available for more for a while.  I don't want to work too hard now that I'm retired, but the extra few bucks helps pay the fuel bill.

Chuck's been busy fixing things.  Yesterday we had a headlight out, that turned back on when we banged on he'll be tracing down a loose wire before we leave.  Our muffler hanger wore out, so that will need replacing this week, too.  Right now, he's got it held up with a wire.  He spent hours yesterday fixing the latch on the rear hood.  I think there's a few other things.  He says he enjoys it, but it's a little frustrating when as soon as one thing is fixed, another breaks.

We're finding that we do fairly well with our space.  Although I do too much sitting, since there's not a lot of room to walk around.  We need to spend more time outdoors.  I've been working on that when we're somewhere that's not too hot.  I feel better when I get some sunshine and fresh air, too.

Top things that I love about what we're doing:
1.  We are seeing friends and family we haven't seen in a while.
2.  We can go "where the action is" -- fairs or get-togethers, without worrying about work schedules.
3.  We are meeting new people and learning about other parts of the US.
4.  We have minimal stuff, which is freeing in and of itself.
5.  We are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, and that is where growth occurs.

Top things that I'm struggling with:
1.  I really wish things would stop breaking.
2.  People keep telling me I need to learn to drive the Beast...
3.  7 miles to the gallon.
4.  Not getting enough exercise when we're traveling.
5.  I'm not getting my weekly Pad Thai fix's hard to find a good Thai restaurant on the road.
6.  It takes me a long time to get to know and like people.  I haven't had that time.

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