Sunday, June 18, 2017

Today Was A Travel Day - Carroll, Iowa to Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin - A Broken Refrigerator/Freezer?

Today was a travel day. We packed up at Swan Lake State Park, Carroll, Iowa Swan Lake State Park in Carroll, Iowa and headed toward the KOA in Hancock, Wisconsin.  We are currently boondocking in the Walmart parking lot in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

Once in Hancock we will be visiting The House on the RockThe DellsOconto, Wisconsin to visit family friends and Martha will be doing some genealogy research in the area.

We are looking forward to our first full months stay. We have been doing two nights here, four nights there, etc. It will be nice to have a home base and be able to move around and do things but be able to come "home" at night. After all, home is where we park it.

As the heading says, we might have a broken freezer. It will not cool down past 29* (which I believe to be a "default" readout).  This condition occurred while defrosting the refrigerator. Instead of reading the manual as I should have, I reasoned that if I shut off the refrigerator to thaw it and then turn it back on that all would be good. I later found out (after reading the manual) that there is a heating element that actually does the defrosting. In any case I cannot regain a normal reading either in the freezer or the refrigerator. The latter does drop down to 39* so all is not lost, the beer is still cold.

Martha was snapping away as we meandered through the Iowa corn and soybean fields. So here are some of her photos.

     Bison at Swan Lake State Park

Iowa Corn and Soybeans as far as you can see

Manchester, Iowa

Exiting Stuff - More Corn

 More to follow. We will be at our destination of Hancock, Wisconsin in the afternoon sometime. 275 miles for the day.

Oh, and a update on our refrigerator and freezer. We defrosted thoroughly upon arriving in Prairie Du Chien. Temps are falling inside the fridge and freezer, The morning will tell the tale.

Keep on, keepin on.

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