Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dreaming of Iowa - More Repairs To Do

G'morning all,


We've been in Iowa for a few days now and it the same as it always was. The people are nice to a fault, they are polite even in traffic and they'll absolutely bend over backwards to help you.  If the winters weren't so cold I caught myself thinking that I wouldn't have minded staying here so many years ago. About that time I woke up......

Wow was that a good dream or a bad one?   Kidding aside, I like Iowa but only in the summer.

Air Conditioning Shroud Replacement

Our replacement air conditioning shroud arrived at my sister-in-laws yesterday so I will be replacing it before we leave Swan Lake. It isn't a big or hard job, just a pain where I sit.

TV Antenna Repairs

When we pulled into Swan Lake I noticed that my antenna would not deploy. I went up on the roof to see what was going on and it seems that the same telephone line that messed up our air conditioning shroud also tore up our antenna. It is a Braude branded antenna and from what I have been able to discern they are out of business. I am likely going to have to jury rig a repair or bite the bullet and buy a new antenna assembly. I guess I will find out soon.


No, so far our trip hasn't proven relaxing. We wanted to insure that we saw all of our family before we started touring in earnest. We've been lucky enough to see my brother and his wife, Martha's two sisters and their families and my two sons in St. Louis and their families. This all came with a trade off of moving every two days or so.  We did manage to shed the weight of some heirloom dishes in the process.

Moving comes with packing and unpacking items (mostly kitchen stuff) each time we move. We are starting to perfect that bit, though we are looking forward to our next move which will take us to Wisconsin and a month in one place.

That's all for now, more later.  Keep on, keepin' on.

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