Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hiking With Ticks - With Photos of The Bohn Lake Trail

June 24, 2017

Yesterday we hiked at Bohn Lake which is a "Tunnel Channel" Lake  The Tunnel Channel Lake System is described here  Until now I had never heard of this phenomenon before. The area we hiked can be seen  in the satellite imagery here.

Upon returning to the car I discovered nine ticks on Jake and four on myself. When we checked Martha she had three on her. While removing my shoes to check my feet I looked at the parking lot and the entire thing was lousy with ticks.  The entire area needs a hard freeze to kill the bastards.  I pulled an additional three ticks off of Jake once we got back to the RV. Martha had several in her shoes that we missed as well. 

Next up, we go to the Coloma Chicken Chew.

Keep on, keepin on.

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