Sunday, June 25, 2017

Coloma "Chicken Chew" and "The Dairy Breakfast" - With Photos

Martha and I went to the Chicken Chew in Coloma, Wi. on Saturday evening. It was kind of a bust because it was in the mid 50's and windy. We missed the car show, watched a bit of community volley ball (elimination tournament), had a great Lion's Club rib dinner and we agreed that it was too cold to wait for the fireworks show.

It was a typical small town festival with the bully drunks in wife beaters to the overdressed socialite trophy wife wearing all leather and sporting some upper body surgery.  Kids were everywhere having a blast. Sadly, I only got one photo and will post more when Martha uploads hers to dropbox.

Since there is one chicken missing, does that mean we're "empty nesters?"

The "Dairy Breakfast" was just a cut above the excitement of the "Chew."  At very least we got to see the "Spudmobile,"  I mean, where the heck else would you find one?

This part of Wisconsin grows a lot of potatoes. In fact it grows a lot of strawberries, green beans, carrots, soy beans, peas and cranberries too. But potatoes are the big crop. The breakfast was held at University of Wisconsin Extension Ag Station near Hancock. This is a big deal. There were hands down a lot more folks at the breakfast than we saw at the chew.

My beautiful wife

A view of the festival site outdoors. Lots for the
kids to do.

But the Pancakes, fresh hash browns and ham were the "Piece de resistance."

Blogger wouldn't let me upload this video but,  Check out this link and click on the pancake griddle. I mean who does this?

More from our adventures to follow.

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