Monday, June 12, 2017

11 Things I Have Learned by Living in Campgrounds

1.  People with digital antenna TV miss at least 50% of the programming because it cuts in and out.
2.  The more you like the program, the more it will cut in and out.
3.  Campground designers never tried to drive a 40 foot RV around a small space.  Either that or they were all sadists.
4.  Just because it says free wifi, doesn't mean you'll actually get access to the internet.
5.  30 Amp service is typical in state parks and other public campgrounds.  This means you can't run the pancake griddle and the exhaust fan at the same time.
6.  Campfires are more fun to watch than TV, anyway.
7.  Showering at night seems to work better, since we smell like campfire smoke.
8.  We can go 2 days without emptying the gray water tanks, if we don't take real showers (i.e. turn the water off after getting wet and only turn it back on to rinse.)
9.  Take your time setting up and getting ready to leave.  A minor mistake can make a major problem.
10.  It's always good to check and see what day it is when you get up in the morning.  In only 12 days, I'm already finding myself off by a few days...
11.  Use the amenities...hike the trails, swim in the pool, put your feet in the lake...that's why you're experience where you are!


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