Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Coach is Done - Part 2

Well the bushings have been delivered to the shop and can be installed. That's a good thing right?

But, since I am trying to rehabilitate a twelve year old coach I thought it would be prudent to ask Arkansas Diesel to check the serpentine belt and all hoses to insure good condition. However, as this saga seems to go, there is always a "but."  During this inspection the mechanic noticed powdered metal on the belt.  Upon investigation, they found a bearing on the fan assembly was going bad and slowly shredding itself.  Leaving this in disrepair would cause eventual failure and lead to overheating and other possible problems down the road. So, you guessed it. The coach will not be done again today.

Arkansas diesel is running down parts at the moment and the job is reportedly a half a day of labor to affect a full repair. Yeesh....I am thinking of going all Jesse James to get the money I need to repair this stuff.

One could argue bad luck, but I choose to look at this as a necessary repair that was caught during normal preventative maintenance. We purchased the coach at bargain basement prices and knowing it's age we assumed the liability of the associated repairs that would required to get it back into prime condition for the road. If we can't laugh this off as due diligence we might as well stay home.

As for how I feel about further delay? Well I am not a good "waiter."  Ugh.

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