Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Coach Is Done - It's Not - The Coach is Done - Wait...It's Not

No Parts, Wrong Parts, Some Parts - In These Parts

We were promised our coach would be back on the last Sunday. It is now Tuesday morning and we don't have our coach back.  The coach sits on a Freightliner XC chassis. This is a very common chassis that luxury RV's are built on. But, there is a caveat. It has three frame rail configurations. The rail on my RV is an XCR rail with an I-beam front axle with independent suspension. I have an inkling that this is why our parts came in and were wrong.

The parts delay started with a late day order of parts last Friday the 7th. Apparently the order was received at the Springdale, Arkansas Freightliner dealer in time before they closed for business that day. However, from what I understand they discovered an inventory error and were only able to ship two of the eight sway bar bushings. These arrived on Sunday at Arkansas Diesel and Repair (my shop). When the crew came in on Monday of course they knew the order was short. So, Sprindale Freightliner scrambled to get the remainder of the parts (which still weren't at my shop as of 6pm yesterday (Monday).  So, Arkansas Diesel hedged their bet and ordered six more bushings from six different suppliers to insure delivery today.

I can't say enough good about the efforts on behalf of Arkansas Diesel to get us back on the road. They have gone above and beyond.  I was informed by their marketing manager Brian that they felt bad about the delay so while the coach was in the service bay, they washed it. I was going to have to do that anyway. So, kudos ...so far.

So, we sit. Waiting in anticipation of completion.  Hopefully it will be done today. Brian and Jacob (the owner) said they tought it would be completed by noon today. We'll see. 

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