Monday, January 9, 2017

What's Next For Us? - Selling 26 Years Worth Of Stuff

Since our return from our first stellar extended trip I have been mulling over what needs to be done next before our full time departure of June 1st.  We have a house full of furniture and a garage full of stored stuff. What to do with it all?

My son is living with us at the moment and we've got his stuff stored here too.  What a conundrum, he is actively looking for work but with the holidays just ending people haven't filling jobs so he has been stuck in limbo.  A crucial piece of the puzzle is we need his stuff gone so we can sort through ours.

The first step - The one year test

We all have those things in the house that we use on rare occasions, they cost us money and we only use them occasionally. My approach on this is going to be if we haven't used the item, tool or a appliance in over a year, it gets sent to the sell pile.

Determine If There Are Things Friends Or Family Might Want - Give Aways

This could be almost anything you own. But to effectively be rid of stuff we will need to be ruthless.

Determining When To Sell Stuff - A Delicate Balancing Act

If we sell stuff too early then we risk spending the rest of our time here in lawn chairs listening to NPR on the radio. If we wait until a month before will there be enough time to sell stuff?

Garage Sales - Craigslist - Estate Sales - Auction Services - Oh my!

What techniques do we choose to get rid of our stuff.  We could advertise in the local newspaper about garage sales but do people even read the newspaper anymore?  We don't.

How about Craigslist? Ok, but should we endure the endless "will you take $xxx dollars instead of your asking price" and is this the tactic (in reverse) that will be employed by us eventually to get rid of stuff?

Should we have an estate sale?  How about putting the stuff we want in storage and have an entire house estate sale?  Sounds like it my be feasible right?

Or maybe an auction service?  Let them sell our "lot" of stuff for a fee?  Am I asking for trouble here?

Stay posted as all will be revealed as it unfolds.

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