Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Starting To Get Answers About Our Room Slide Problems - Maybe

I got a call from our repair guy this morning. He stated that he has the kitchen slide operating and locking now. He also said that the living room slide is now working but only the front locking mechanism is engaging.  He is still working on that one.

He told me that he found some wiring issues that had to be repaired (broken wires). He also said that a solenoid was bad and replaced it.  Further some of the pin connectors on my Intelitech controllers were badly corroded. He made the repairs and now they are working.

I've my doubts about the solenoid. I have looked over the schematics for these slides and their control mechanisms and I don't find one on the schematic. I think I will have to ask for the old solenoid and have him show me where it's located to insure he isn't "blowing smoke."

Stay tuned.

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