Sunday, January 1, 2017

We're Leaving Rio Vista, TX - Our Thoughts After Five Weeks Of RV Living

Camping in Rio Vista - In my brother in laws driveway

Dan went to the trouble and expense to install a 50 amp service for our visits. He already had a sewer clean out available and a hose bib nearby.  He rocks!

Since this trip was only a test run for our full time adventure I think it might be appropriate to do an analysis of the trip to help learn what we liked and didn't like. And finally, what we think needs changing as soon as financially possible

What we liked

The freedom from the same environment everyday
Being near the Ocean (this trip)
Our kingbed (very comfortable)
The amount of room in the living area
The amount of room in the bedroom
Placement of appliances in the kitchen
Carpet in the bedroom
The refrigerator and freezer are very large so storage is not an issue
The freezer has an ice maker
Having a 39' RV makes for adequate living space
Rides well
Large shower
Gobs of storage
Easy set up and leveling
Tows our car easily
Has lots of torque
Comfortable driver and passenger seats

What we didn't like

Carpet in the living area
Lack of comfortable seating (the jackknife coach and the leather coach)
Water pressure varies with each camping venue. Sometimes very good, others inadequate
Convection Microwave, but this is due to a lack of understanding proper operation
Not enough room for two people to work in the kitchen
The three burner stove burners are sometimes too close to each other depending on the size of pots
Problems with sewage tank clean out, I think the water line leading to the sprayer is broken
Very slow fresh water tank filling
No tire pressure monitoring (this is the first mechanical modification required)
Drivers position has no cup holder (missing from the mounting hole)
Lack of bluetooth connection to the dashboard radio so we can hear gps turn by turn announcements and have the ability to play music from our phones.
No recliners
Walk through bathroom
Taking short showers when we don't have full hookups
Fuel costs
Low MPG (8.1 at the moment which is average for older motorhomes)
Fuel inefficient but we knew that going in
It's an old coach so we are constantly fixing small things

What we will likely change

Carpet to another type of surface
Purchase a footstool
Remove one couch and add two Euro-Recliners

Our overall assessment toward a live of full time living in our RV

This going to work for us. After several conversations over the course of the month we both feel that living behind sticks and bricks is not only feasible but we are anxious to get on with it.

If you are inclined to do this, I can tell you that in our opinion you should just do it and don't second guess yourself.

For us, we did this prior to our home lease termination so it stretched us as far as we can go financially.  If you have the means to retire debt prior to going full time you will be much better off.

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