Friday, December 30, 2016

Today Is The Day - We Leave Sunny Florida

Today is the day. We pack up the "Golden Goose" and start the wending trek northward. On this trip we've enjoyed Texas Hill Country in Fredricksburg and Luckenbach, the surreal surf of Santa Rosa Island and Pensacola Beach, the Thunderbird's putting on an awesome show while practicing over our RV, and the laid back 50's atmosphere of Carrabelle. We learned how to co-habitat in a small space without killing one another and I learned to enjoy reading again. We also dropped our stress levels from about 10 to a 2. Wind, sun and surf have a way of coaxing relaxation out of a person.

Next we head to Rio Vista, Tx. for a late family Christmas and then New Years and back home in time to see our dear friends Tim and Wendy while they are in Fayetteville.

Stay tuned because once we get to reliable internet I will be posting photos from this trip.

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