Monday, January 23, 2017

Putting The Newmar To Bed Until March - Winterization And Maintenance Done

We stored our RV at a local storage yard. It really feels wrong to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed our five weeks on the road.

At the storage facility I originally parked head in. After getting into my spot and seeing that my mud guard was going to suffer badly because of the up hill angle as I backed out, I decided to go back and place the the big beasty into my spot by backing in. This necessitated placing boards under my mud guard so it would slide on the boards instead of the rocks when I backed out. This worked a treat. Lesson learned..

It's a tight parking area surrounded by other RV's. Now I know how a trucker feels at a truck stop when they are backing in to the parking lot for a rest. I didn't have a spotter so it was very good practice.

This morning I went back down to Allied Storage to finish up some odds n ends prior to removing the negative cable from the house batteries today.  I also put the tire shields on and set the jacks to take some of the weight off the tires. So, effectively she is put to bed for now.

On pay day, I will be ordering a new back flow preventer for the bathroom lavatory. This will be my first project to finally solve the black water flush issue. Apparently these are prone to sticking and when you apply fresh water to flush the black tank the water (still clean) is forced to come out under the lavatory sink. Nice eh?

Next up will be to find and do battle with our "jacks down" alarm in the dashboard. If you have a Class A with a Freightliner chassis then you know how blinking annoying these audible alarms are. They are loud on purpose so you pay attention and don't try to drive away with your jacks down.

However, they are ear piercingly loud. I am going to attempt to squelch the volume by wrapping about 60' of electricians tape around the sound module. I looked the location today so before I tackle this I will be making a Chiropractor and Massage appoints.

While I was at the RV I wanted to get the make and manufacturer of my tires. Even though I have aired them and checked the air pressure 5 times already I couldn't remember the name of the manufacturer.  It turns out that they are made in China by a company named "Compasal."  So, they are knock offs but I can find out little else about them. Time to apply my "Google Fu" to see if I can find anything out about reliability, mileage and customer satisfaction.

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