Thursday, January 26, 2017

Does My RV Miss Me? - I'm Still Limping

I wanted to go and do some things in the RV today. Not going to happen. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

For the last three weeks I have been battling a torn right calve muscle. Finally I have an appointment to have Xrays taken to be followed by an appointment with my PCP.

Getting old sucks, I got off my motorcycle three weeks ago today and took one step back. As I shifted my wait onto my right leg I felt what I can only describe as a board or ball bat hitting my right calve muscle. I swelled up immediately. Martha (Master Massage Therapist) checked my Achilles tendon and thankfully it was not and is not damaged. However, what we don't know is to what extent my calve muscle is torn.  Today I find out.

It's hell getting old, your body gets broken and what's not broken doesn't work well or it hurts.

But, the sun is supposed to shine today so that's good and a positive attitude always works for me.

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