Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One Last Chance - Or, How Is My Patience Level?

I talked with the Diesel/RV shop this morning. He now said that he has now identified the specific problem regarding my living room slide lock. He added that my sending the electrical schematic to him helped identify the problem. BS or not that's the question?

Including today, he has now promised five times that coach would be ready on specific dates.  I was once again promised it would be repaired today.

How long should I let this go on?  He states he has minimal time trouble shooting to this point.  Well yeah! He hasn't been doing crap to get the coach out of the door.  On the other hand, it's not like he is delaying a trip either.

I'd like to hear from some of my regular readers.  When do I say enough, pay up and the coach back? I need input please.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having such a delay. I'm no electrical guru but I would think that if it is now just a lock problem that it would be fairly simple to troubleshoot. Checking continuity is there power going to the lock or a break in the wire. If there is power does the lock operate or is lock motor inop itself. If the lock operates under direct power is it a controller or proximity switch issue.

    Swapping controllers is one of the things I did to eliminate a controller board issue. I went to the dealer I bought my coach from (Motorhomes of Texas) and spent the day waiting for them to work on it but they got it fixed that day. However it failed a few days later and took it back and again waited but this time only for four hours when they found that proximity switch broken and fixed it.
    This is not helping you of course but like you I would not be happy about the delay in getting things fixed. If you get down Nacogdoches way I recommend them for any work you may need on your coach. They are very knowledgeable on Newmars and other high end units. While I was there getting mine worked on I met several people who come by from out of state with their yearly "to do" list.

    We are camping for a few days and so far things are going well. No issues yet. Except the weather stinks!

    1. Harry, thanks for the information on MHT. I will add them to my trusted listings in my notebook.

      Apparently my problems stemmed from low amperage to the slide locks. I really don't know how that setting changed as I didn't mess with them. A mystery for sure. Have a great trip and I hope the weather improves for you. Keep in touch, I enjoy your posts.


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