Monday, December 12, 2016

Enjoying Life At The Beach - Wandering "Toes In The Water, Ass In The Sand" - Ain't Life Grand!

We've been adjusting to life in the RV. Living on the road comes with learning to relax into it and doing things our way, on our schedule.

Life is different when you are in a new location. It's sort of like moving someplace permanently but not really.  It's sort of a "gotcha" moment.  When you reside someplace permanently you want to learn about the place, the things it offers, the best and most affordable restaurants, cool things to do and about the people that live there.  But when you are a nomad (we're nomad interns) you know you are going to eventually move on at some point.  When you realize this you find yourself (maybe just I do this?) not wanting the whole story because you want to leave something to discover for the next time you are in that location.

You end up finding yourself doing things in "vacation" mode.  You try to cram in everything you can and want to do in a short period of time. Typically in the past it's been a vacation for "two weeks." 

Hey, we don't have to do that anymore, right?

It's weird but after our first eleven days in the RV I still find myself in "vacation" mode.  I've not yet relaxed into having time on my hands.  I haven't reached the point of being bored enough to find something fun to do. In fairness to myself the RV has had a series of small problems that had to be investigated, repaired or resolved. Each of the eleven days I have tackled one of these problems and have solved many of them.  However I still have a few to go.  My goal is to put them behind me by getting the repairs done so I don't have an excuse not to relax. I'm beginning to wonder if that will ever really happen.

We continue to learn the whole "unwinding" thing.  Martha is better at enjoying life than I am. She has had a daily walk on the beach and has nearly finished a book that she has carried around and not read for nearly a year.

Hey, I read a magazine yesterday and sat still nearly an hour to do it. That's progress right?
As far as RV repairs this is what I have repaired, investigated and solved so far:

1. Freshwater tank wouldn't fill. It fills now albeit slowly. I found one slightly restricted hose.
2. I checked the battery compartment and found all of the house batteries low on electrolyte. While I was at it I took every cable off, cleaned and polished them, replaced them, cleaned the battery surfaces off and topped off each cell.
3. The toilet and the entire toilet room smells of urine. I think the previous owner must have had the "stand closer sweetie, it's shorter than you think" syndrome.  Despite repeated cleanings of the floor, underneath the plastic surround at the base of the toilet the smell remains.  I will pull the toilet next to see how bad the seal is and clean the area thoroughly.
4. Install a Chromecast on the main TV. Sound easy right? Not.  I had to take the overhead TV cabinet apart to gain access to the HDMI ports, snake the power cord through an impossibly full wire chase. and then put things back together.
5. Water pressure/flow was low at all faucets, toilet and shower. This resulted in my chasing the water lines from the city water hookup to each of the water outlets on the coach.  I found a deteriorated black rubber washer in the city water hookup. I was absolutely disintegrated. The pieces were distributed first in the fresh water whole house water filter. I removed the filter and put the housing back on. Next I took the screens off each faucet, and shower and ran water until all of the black washer particles quit coming out of the outlets.  I ran the toilet flushing system to do the same and then cleaned each faucet screen with vinegar to insure they were clean and flowing. That seems to have cured the low water flow issues.
6. The coaches fantastic fan controls are intermittent, I took the controls apart and tried to clean the push pin contactors. I need fine grit sandpaper to do it one more time. However, the controls now work with repeated pushing.
7. I checked all engine and transmissions fluids and found them all fine.
6. I've checked the tire pressure and filled as required.

I still haven't finished checking systems and will keep tabs as I complete tasks.

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