Saturday, November 5, 2016

Instant Gratification Isn't Instant

As most of you know we looked for a long time to find the coach we felt fit us best. We found our dream coach at Motor Home Specialists in Alvarado, Texas.  Once we were sure this was the "one" we put earnest money on the coach to show intent to purchase.  The owner was contacted and the offer and our terms were accepted last Wednesday.

So, we set up our closing at Motor Home Specialist's (MHS) this coming Monday the 7th. We are/were very excited to finally nearly at the point where we can drive away in our "new to us" coach.

Well that's not going to happen now, at least on the 7th.  We are bummed out to say the least.  Why the delay? As radio personality Paul Harvey used to say "And this is the rest of the story."

As I understand it, the coach was consigned to MHS to sell.  Shortly before our offer the owners departed for a cruise and were due back to port yesterday the 6th.  MHS reached them at sea last Wednesday for the deal offer and they subsequently approved it.

But here is where it gets sticky.  The owners of the coach evidently traded for a new coach with MHS and then consigned our coach with them. Since the owners have been at sea it has been difficult to reach them for further correspondence. Making a long story short the owners still owe money on the coach we are purchasing.  So, MHS needs to collect the difference from our agreed purchase price and the amount the owners actually owe on the coach. Since they are sea this payment has not been made. The salesman and MHS finance office are both as frustrated as we are.

So, we can do nothing but wait until the owners contact MHS and everything is settled.

Meanwhile at least we don't have to pay for a storage spot.  Ugh, feeling frustrated.

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