Friday, November 4, 2016

Choosing An Insurance Carrier For Your New RV

Which Insurance Carrier Do We Choose?

Your choices are nearly endless. But keep in mind that you will want some kind of Roadside Assistance Coverage alongside your standard coverage. You can do that through your insurance carrier or through clubs like Good Sams.

I think insurance is one of those personal choice issues and I won't pretend to advise you as to which company or coverage's you should choose (plus I am not licensed to advise you). But. you do need need to select from a myriad of options like Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Uninsured and under insured Motorist, Comprehensive coverage, collision, personal property, vacation expense protection, emergency expense, scheduled medical benefits and towing and roadside assistance.

Most of us will wind up with similar coverage to our auto insurance. Some of us will not.  You will in any case need insurance. Don't take possession of an RV without it.

Do I need Towing and Roadside Assistance?

In a word, yes.  Think flat tire without a spare and no way to fix the tire. Most roadside coverage include the responder bringing a new tire that will fit your rig. Yes, you will need to pay for the tire. But if you are on a lonely road in east BFE and you run out of fuel, you flat a tire or your engine quits you will be glad to have this coverage.  Most RV insurance will also have towing included to the nearest Certified RV service center or the nearest engine or chassis facility that works on your particular brand.

What About Comprehensive? Why Would You Need That?

Well lets see?  How much is that windshield that a rock or truck lug nut just went through?  Think about that.  RV windshields are huge and so are their prices. I just read a blog where just one half of their divided windshield caught a rock. That half cost the owner $1200 dollars. Yep, for just one half.

What about this scenario. You are parking at a rv park and head out for the evening. On your return you find that your door was forced open and your laptops, tv's and other valuables have been stolen. Is the insurance worth it now?

Educate Yourself About Coverages  - Ask Your Agent Or Would-be Agent Questions

You need to know what the various coverages include, know your budget and pick your deductibles accordingly. As what is included in each type of coverage. After you've done your homework then purchase the policy of your choice.

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