Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Exploring – Gates Pass and Saguaro National Park West

We took a drive to Saguaro National Park West via Gates Pass (near Tucson) to complete our tour of the Saguaro’s. If you have never been in a Saguaro forest before, I suggest that you make it part of your visit to Tucson. These cactus are tall and intriguing. They are worth the visit.

 Click the photo above to read about how the road was built
Gates Pass road was first built by a business owner to give more access to his business (click the above photo to read about it)

Looking out over the valley from Gates Pass.
At the apex of the pass you get a great view of the valley below. This area’s geology was heavily influenced by a violent volcanic eruption. 

The terrain here is very rugged. The scenic turnout at the top of Gates Pass is also a trail head for the David Yetman West Trail and the Gates Pass Trail 
She made me squint into the sun for this one
I find it amazing that the desert supports so much wildlife. The Sonoran desert and Saguaro National Park boast many animal species. 

Sentinels of the Sonoran Desert. If you want to learn more? 
(click the on the photo above)
Walking the only Nature Path in Saguaro West
Medusas Head or Ocotillo? If you know, leave the information in the comment box.
Palo VerdeIronwood or mesquite trees serve as nurse trees for young saguaro cacti. As the Saguaro grows and becomes more acclimated to the desert sun, the older tree may die, leaving the saguaro alone.
I wonder how long that rock as been balanced?

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