Thursday, January 17, 2019

Visiting The "Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum"

Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum

There are extraordinary museums everywhere but if you haven't been to this one, you really need to visit.  Especially if you are a neophyte to desert environments and animals as we are.

Before You Go

You need to know that this venue isn't particularly cheap. However, it is well worth the price of admission.

Included in your admission fee are the following:

  • Two miles of paved and unpaved hiking trails with Docents at key locations.
  • 16 individual desert botanical gardens
  • Earth Sciences Center Cave with a large collection of gems and mineral stones
  • Admission to live animal presentations in the Warden Oasis Theater (varies by day)Keeper-Animal Interactions where you can watch animals being fed or trained for vet exams (check the Plan Your Day Board upon arrival)
  • Docent interpretation stations throughout the grounds
  • Admission to Raptor Free Flight, a birds-of-prey demonstration where visitors view from the birds' flight path (seasonal mid-Oct thru mid-April)
  • Admission to the Ironwood Art Gallery presenting the best of travelling exhibitions with Sonoran Desert-related themes
  • Admission to the Warden Aquarium with touch tank experiences twice daily
  • Plus access to a variety of animal exhibits including the Hummingbird Aviary, Cat Canyon, Reptile & Amphibian Hall, Life Underground, Walk-in Aviary, Life on the Rocks, Ancient Arizona, and Desert Loop Trail.
 It is a truly wonderful place to visit.  The scenery at the venue and on the way are spectacular. 

Directions to the Museum are found at the end of this blog.

There are two Aviaries which have varied species

The scenery is outstanding

The Otters are very entertaining

The desert botanical gardens are spectacular

Cacti Are Everywhere

Pipe Organ

This Hawk Was Very Curious About Us




Earth Sciences Cave

Batty old Guys

Wondrous Stalactites and Stalagmites and Other Formations

Did I mention the scenery?

Desert Reptiles

Creepy Crawlers










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